As my husband's birthday approaches, I find myself reflecting on the journey we've shared since our high school days when he first captured my heart. Today, I want to turn the spotlight on him – the man who's not only the dreamiest guy I've ever laid eyes on but also the most incredible father and a remarkably talented artist.

The Early Days: A Second Chance at Love 

The first time I saw him in high school, there was an undeniable spark. His charisma was magnetic, and we quickly became sweethearts. Though our paths diverged after high school, fate had a different plan for us. When we reunited 12 years later, it felt like destiny. Our high school romance may not have lasted, but it set the stage for a deeper, more meaningful connection later in life. Now, he's not just a partner from the past but my rock in the present – a constant source of support and inspiration, reminding me how lucky we are to have found our soulmate in each other for a second time.

The Artist and His Muse: A Harmony of Talents 

Throughout our journey, I've been the muse behind his camera, inspiring many of his artistic creations. This year, I sought to switch roles, coaxing him to step in front of the lens. His playful refusal, agreeing only if I was the one behind the camera, highlights our unique partnership and mutual respect for our individual talents. In our professional spheres, we maintain this harmony, each excelling in our respective fields. While clients sometimes suggest I join him in photography, I cherish our separate expertise, believing that it strengthens not only our crafts but also our bond. This mutual admiration and understanding of our distinct abilities truly enrich our relationship and our work.

A Father Like No Other

When it comes to parenting, he is unparalleled. The way he blends kindness, wisdom, and fun is nothing short of amazing. He's not just a father; he's a role model, a teacher, and a friend to our children. His ability to balance work and family life never ceases to amaze me.

The Entrepreneurial Maestro

His journey is a testament to an entrepreneurial spirit paired with self-taught mastery. With a vision always at the forefront, he navigates challenges with courage and determination, a trait that makes him an exceptional role model for our children. His diverse skill set, encompassing design, website building, and photography, is not just impressive but self-acquired. This blend of entrepreneurial drive and dedication to learning and refining a unique trio of talents truly sets him apart, and it's something I deeply admire.

The Greatest Artist: Master of Boudoir

But above all, he's an artist, arguably the greatest the world has seen, especially in the realm of boudoir photography. His work isn't just photography; it's a celebration of beauty, confidence, and artistry. He has a unique ability to capture the essence of his subjects, creating images that are not only visually stunning but also deeply empowering.

A Toast to the Future

As we celebrate another year of his remarkable life, I am filled with gratitude. Grateful for the love he's given, the lessons he's taught, and the beauty he's brought into the world through his art. Here's to many more years of creativity, love, and adventure together. Happy Birthday to my incredible husband – the man whose return to my life reignited the spark that first made my heart skip a beat in high school. Our journey, though it diverged, brought us back together, proving that some connections are truly meant to be. 

Jeffie, I love you endlessly 💋