Believe it or not at one point I was not only camera shy I cringed anytime I knew the camera was pointed at me. I never felt the beauty or even the sexiness that my husband always seemed to see. I could provide creative direction to large scale productions but couldn’t creatively direct myself in front of the camera. My husband has always held me as his muse and through this journey of boudoir I have found the confidence that I never knew I had. Now I can celebrate my sexiness in ways that I had never imagined. Today I feel like a butterfly that has emerge from its cocoon and I want to see all women encounter that kind of transformation and empowerment.

After years of Jeff and I working in media production and event photography, he decided that he wanted to switch things up and enrolled himself in boudoir photography courses. Naturally, he wanted to practice what he was learning so he asked me to be his model so that he could better his skills. At the time, I was terrified. I had never done any kind of boudoir photography before in my life and I thought that I was going to be horrible at it. I thought that I was going to hate the images, which in turn would probably leave me with new insecurities, so I told him no.

Well, Jeff is not the kind of person to give up easily. So he asked, and asked, and asked, and asked a few more times until I finally broke down and said, “FINE!” Little did I know that this was to be my first of countless shoots and my first taste of the power of boudoir and self-love. 

Now, I’d love to tell you that our first pictures together were amazing, but realistically, they were what boudoir nightmares are made of. I hated them; I didn’t want to see them at all and I’m pretty sure I gave Jeff a hard time about them. However, being the optimist that he is, he wasn’t going to let one photoshoot stop him from improving his skills. So with a ton of practice and a ton of shoots later, his artistry had become undeniable and without even realizing it, I had in-directly learned how to pose, coach, direct, and create an amazing experience for women from listening to him talk about it incessantly (lol).

Now, I’m here to tell you that boudoir photography is super addictive. Helping women see themselves as goddesses is so powerful that after pulling a few friends in and seeing their reactions to their images, I knew I wanted to be a source of that for every gorgeous soul that I could. And with that, Nue Orleans Boudoir was born. 

With Jeff as the artist and myself as the experience curator, we’ve created a unique #NueYouExperience that results in gorgeous, timeless images for the modern woman.

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