Your wedding is approaching and of course, you want the perfect something to gift to your partner. Something special and unique. Something they don’t have. Something timeless. Something just for them. 

Nue Orleans Boudoir has that perfect something: a bridal boudoir shoot. A gift for “yours truly’s” eyes only.

So what makes a bridal boudoir shoot the perfect wedding gift for that special someone? A bridal boudoir shoot is truly unique, beautiful, sexy, and let’s face it, HOT! There’s no one your partner would rather see in such an intimate way than you. For the bride, your boudoir session is hands down one of the times you will feel your most beautiful, sensual, and empowered self. Your partner will be able to see (and feel) all of this from your photos, making it not only a perfect gift for him/her, but also a powerful rite of passage into understanding what it means to love yourself.

For your shoot, you’ll want to bring things that are special to you. For example, your wedding veil and shoes are special pieces to capture during your shoot. Maybe you’ll also want to bring something naughty too (handcuffs and leather whip, anyone?)!

Furthermore, you’ll also want to incorporate items from your partner into your shoot. For example, their favorite shirt, hat, jacket, sports team paraphernalia, etc. makes for flirty and fun photos with the essence of your partner present. 

Remember that your boudoir shoot is not only about lingerie and nudity; it’s about creating and capturing timeless and classic art. It’s about embracing, adoring, and worshiping your feminine energy. 

Your boudoir session is all about loving yourself; your wedding is all about the love you and your partner share with each other. A bridal boudoir shoot is the perfect connection between the two.

Bring all of YOU. Embrace yourself and be ready to celebrate YOU.

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