Many partners of our boudoir goddesses have been the first to reach out about a photoshoot for their significant other. When asked why they want their significant other to have the photoshoot, the answer was overwhelmingly:

I want her to see herself as I see her. 

She is so beautiful. 

Her body is beautiful. 

I want to show her how beautiful she is...

Undoubtedly, after her shoot, she feels like a diva, a “boudoir goddess,” reveling in her beauty, femininity, and sexuality. You get to see yourself exactly how your partner sees you: perfect.

Cease the negative self-talk.

Our boudoir goddesses are oftentimes nervous about their photoshoot and come in with negative self-talk.

I don’t like my [insert body part].

I’m not sexy.

I’m not good in front of the camera.

I doubt I’ll have very many good pictures.

I don’t feel beautiful.

One of the first things we do is shift the language, which in turn shifts your energy. Instead, replace everything with confident and empowering words. Because in the end, you are a confident, beautiful, and powerful woman. We already know it. And you will believe it too because that’s who you are. And we help you harness it. 


This is an investment in you.

Everywhere you turn, there’s talk about self-care. Our boudoir goddesses experience the ultimate self-care. From the time you walk in to the time you leave out, you are the focus. A mental, physical, and emotional break from day-to-day life. Our boudoir clients routinely tell us how their experience allowed them to feel free, to lean into all of it…the beauty, femininity, sexuality, and bliss of the day. Because for every last boudoir goddess, it is YOUR day.


It’s time to live your wildest dreams. 

Many boudoir goddesses do start off their shoot with nervousness, but within a short time, you start feeling yourself…your power, confidence, beauty, etc. The transformation is intoxicating. During your shoot, there is NO judgment. You want to put a leash on? Let’s do it. Feeling dominant? We got just the pose for that. Got an idea you think is crazy so you don’t wanna say it? This is your day, so let’s do you.


YOU need to be our next New Orleans Boudoir Goddess. It's your time. Let’s do it!


See for yourself what our goddesses are saying about their experience with us.

Ladies, it’s time. It’s YOUR time. Right now. So what are you waiting for? Let’s do it!