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Hey Gorgeous, welcome to the Premier Boudoir Experience in New Orleans. Bold words, we know. That's because Boudoir isn't just one of our genres, it's our Speciality! So reach out now and Let's create something Elegant & Timeless together!

New Orleans Boudoir Photography


Welcome! I'm Heather, your Experience Curator and Co-Owner here at NOB. We've masterfully crafted a boudoir experience infused with that quintessential New Orleans charm that I promise you'll adore. Our clientele are mothers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and women just like YOU. Our core mission? To capture and elevate your inherent beauty, igniting a confidence that resonates deeply within. Commit to celebrating your individuality with us, and we guarantee an experience that's nothing short of unforgettable

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Why Black & White Photography?

Black and white boudoir photography can evoke a sense of timelessness, elegance, and sophistication. By removing the distraction of color, the focus is shifted to the subject's form and composition, creating a more dramatic and emotive image. Black and white boudoir photography can also add a sense of mystery to the images, as shadows and highlights create a dynamic and alluring atmosphere.

Additionally, black and white boudoir photography can be a great option for clients who are looking for a more classic and timeless aesthetic. It can capture a moment and emotion in a way that color photography may not be able to replicate. Overall, black and white boudoir photography can be a beautiful and powerful way to showcase the beauty and strength of the human form. Combine that with the healing power of Boudoir Photography and a vintage New Orleans mansion and you have vehicle for incredible transformations.

WITH THAT BEING SAID, we also understand that some outfits and situations deserve to be viewed in color so we incorporate both genres into your final products & images.

Vintage New Orleans Boudoir Vibes!

We invite you to our stunning Historic Treme Studio, a masterpiece of 1880's architecture, nestled just off Esplanade Avenue in the heart of New Orleans. With its resplendent original wood floors, grand 15-foot ceilings, and exquisite windows that bathe the space in the perfect natural light, it's a venue designed to make you glow. And the charm doesn't stop at our studio doors. Being a mere five minutes from the vibrant French Quarter, we encourage all our clients to extend the luxury of the day into a downtown New Orleans adventure, crafting memories that go beyond your session.

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